Quick Contact

Hazem Sabry

Marketing Research Director


With over 20 years of experience, Hazem is a marketing caliber with a diverse educational and professional background and has worked with countless companies, both national and international. With a bachelor’s degree in economics, another in business studies from Milan University and an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.


Hazem is well-versed in his area of expertise and acts as an inspiration to his team. Hazem’s résumé boasts a professional history that is practically unrivaled; having worked with companies such as: Business Builders World, GM Advisory, Asfour Crystal International and Global Intelligence Alliance- GIA, as well as his experience in the public sector as the former senior researcher and market intelligence manager at a branch of the Ministry of Foreign Trade called Export Development Authority.


Despite being our newest team member, starting at IMS in mid-2018, Hazem’s passion for marketing intelligence and strategic marketing carries over exceptionally because of the following values he brings to IMS:


  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Empathy
  • Professionalism


Hazem is adamant about ensuring professionalism, quality and integrity in every step of the research process in order to produce the best results that simply speak for themselves.