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Dr. Gihan Saadawi



As a Professional Development & Fundraiser consultant, Dr. Gihan has amassed over 20 years of experience in the industry, making her professional expertise an invaluable asset to IMS.

Dr. Gihan’s educational background is indisputably impressive with an MBA in Change Management from Corllins University and a Diploma in Hospital Management & Healthcare from AUC after solidifying her background in 1989 when she attained her MBBCH from Ain Shams University, Egypt.


She is an expert in  the  strategic objectives  formulation  and their  translation  into strategy maps  and  linking these  objectives  to key  performance  indicators to  ensure  their implementation, she is also well versed in using  Strategy  Implementation  software to apply agreed upon strategies.


Through the years Dr. Gihan has taken on many roles:


  • CEO of Ahl Masr Foundation till January 2017
  • Managing Director of InHouse Marketing Communication Agency
  • Communication Director of Heliopolis University
  • Marketing & communication Manager of Kabnoury Group

Director of Development and Fundraising Department of Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357