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1996 - Establishment of Company

Company established as an individual company under the brand name of Integrated Marketing Solutions, IMS, offering Marketing Consultancy & Strategic Business planning to the Egyptian Market with a special focus on Business to Business markets (B2B).

2000 - Introducing Market Research Service

With the Growth of our clientele database, Market Research was formally introduced as a new service.

2005 - Fully-Fledged Department

Market Research was developed as a fully-fledged department, offering customized research studies to our clients.

2007 - Introducing Brand Strategy & Development Service

With the experience the company had in the development of multiple client brands, Brand Strategy & Development was formally introduced as a separate service to offer to the market.

2008 - Retailing Support Services

The influx in the retailing area encouraged us to offer the retailing market a separate service line called “Retailing support services” including: Mystery Shopping services & Remedial action plans based on the insights derived from the Mystery Shopping visits.

2009 - Introducing Research & Business Consultancy Service

Integrated Marketing Solutions, IMS, was launched as a S.A.E offering a wide portfolio of services to Research & Business Consultancy services to Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C) clientele.

2010 - Retailing Research Unit Establishment

By 2010, “Retailing Research Unit” was established, as a separate unit, with the services: Price Audits & Field & Tab Services aside from the Mystery Shopping.

2013 - B2B & High Ticket B2C markets

Since 2013 till now, IMS became one of the most favored consultancy firms catering for the B2B & High Ticket B2C markets.

2015 - Dr. Noha Alaa Holds The Position of CEO

After 20 years as chairman and CEO, Dr. Taher became non – executive chairman and handed over the CEO position to Dr. Noha Alaa, and added two expert members to the board of directors.

2018 - Dr. Gihan Saadawi Holds The Position of CEO

IMS was blessed when Dr. Gihan Saadawi accepted the position of CEO.