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Ongoing Strategy & Marketing Support

Sometimes the client is undergoing a critical period in the life cycle of the organization or the development of the market when no mistake can be afforded. The client then feels that support is needed in implementing
the marketing plans from an experienced consultant. We begin by co developing a commercial or marketing plan (strategically and on a tactical level) with the client’s management team and marketing staff, thus transferring to them the know-how of preparing a sound plan. We also break the plan down to weekly activities with budget implications, and we supervise the implementation by the day.


In certain cases, the client may not have a marketing department to attend to the prerequisites of the implementation success. We have functioned as the external marketing department for these clients. We provided them with the support expected (strategically & tactically) from the most effective team they could imagine. At a fraction of the cost of setting up and maintaining the talents of their own department, our clients have obtained the experience and insights so difficult and expensive to attain, manage, and otherwise retain.

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