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Mystery Shopping & Price Audits

Mystery shopping is a research tool used to measure the quality of service or compliance to company processes or to gather specific information about products and services to help attract new customers and to maintain long term relationships with current clients. This is done through “Mystery Shoppers” (M-shoppers) whose specific identity is not known by the establishment being evaluated. Our M-shopper’s role is to perform specific tasks such as going through the experience of acquiring goods or services, asking questions, registering complaints, and then providing detailed reports about their experiences to top management.


We have developed deep expertise in mystery shopping for service organizations using our proprietary ‘total customer experience’ methodology. In fact, our team at IMS is among the most experienced and respected in this kind of research in Egypt. Our methodology and expertise explain why more and more retail brands are resorting to us when it comes to monitoring their service quality.


Price audits focus on the P of Price in the marketing mix in service or retail business. Our Price Audits go beyond the price tags and delves into providing the full pricing picture of a product in a market full of competitors. Sometimes it is also used to track the adherence of agents, distributors or retailers with the company pricing policies and regulations.

Our comprehensive price audit service covers:

  •  Business Value Proposition & Pricing Strategy Review.
  • Competitive price collection at a national or local level.
  • The ability to correlate historical sales results to pricing changes.
  • Price Analysis and Insights.

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