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Marketing Research & Market Studies

All worthy commercial decisions rest on solid marketing research and experience. The identification and quantification of customer needs, dissatisfactions, and priorities determined by research become the foundation for setting the marketing mix variables. Marketing is about segmenting the market with insight, targeting your segments with precision, and positioning your offer with creativity. This is not possible in the dark,and relying on guesswork or market  wisdom is too expensive. Research is the only way to reduce the risk of failure and to increase the probability of making optimum decisions.


Market studies that precede market entry decisions often redirect our clients to focus on more profitable market segments, to develop better product configurations, to confirm or revise basic market assumptions, to
select the optimum timing for the launch, to attract strategic investors, and/ or to fine-tune to customer unmet needs, priorities and motivations.


Our expertise in conducting market studies that serve as a foundation for feasibility studies is unparalleled in the B2B and B2C markets. Our spectrum of marketing research & market studies covers:

  • Market Understanding (Demand & Supply studies)
  • Market Sizing
  • Target Identification & Concept Testing
  • Consumer Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Brand Equity Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

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