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“Integrated Marketing Solutions provides world-class business consultancy; through its three business units; Strategic Business Planning, Marketing Consultancy, and Marketing Research. Our team continues to coach clients to drive their markets through marketing strategy and planning, ongoing marketing support, marketing research and market studies, strategic brand management, pricing strategy as well as mystery shopping and price audits.

In addition, we are well known for our flagship solutions in Corporate Strategy, business planning, and feasibility studies.”

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IMS helps you grow your business through our services

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic business planning begins with a profound understanding of the owners’ vision and ambition for their enterprise…Read more

Commercial / Marketing Strategy & Planning

All great market success stories begin with a vision; then comes a long pursuit of that vision, full of determination and…Read more

Sales & Marketing training

Effective sales, marketing and development training plans must be based on careful Development Needs Assessment (DNA)…Read more

Human Resources for Sales & Marketing

Both marketing and sales demand special attention to the organization and management of the human resources…Read more

Ongoing Strategy & Marketing Support

Sometimes the client is undergoing a critical period in the life cycle of the organization or the development of the market when no mistake can be afforded…Read more

Strategic Brand Management

A brand is a promise, consistently delivered, to the point where customers come to expect it, believe in it, and tell others about it. To most businesses…Read more

Marketing Research & Market Studies

All worthy commercial decisions rest on solid marketing research and experience. The identification and quantification of customer needs, dissatisfaction…Read more

Mystery Shopping & Price Audits

Mystery shopping is a research tool used to measure the quality of service or compliance to company processes or to gather specific Information about products …Read more

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

“I am writing this letter to acknowledge your contributions and great efforts over the past 4 years. Together we have won Super brands, and a distinguished award from the American banking Association (ABA) for our corporate Brochure. We have gained market share, achieved record growth and profitability, and successfully acquired and merged MAIB.

Hassan AbdallaVice chairman & managing Director

"I must thank IMS Team for such a super job of our retail market survey. The whole management team of Al Ezz steel was delighted with the results and we were specifically pleased with the thoroughness, accuracy as well as the depth of analysis of the information provided, while our sales people in particular are already utilizing it to improve market coverage and distribution".

George MattaDirector of Marketing

"I write to IMS today to thanks for the invaluable support the marketing department has received for the past two years from IMS team. Together we have developed and implemented three comprehensive marketing plans. IMS helped us conduct several qualitative and quantitative research including the largest Jotun has ever conducted, in which we interviewed and assessed more than 3200 traditional paint shops all over the country. IMS have always inspired the team with creative ideas and approaches to achieve the sales and marketing objectives."

Marc McPhailLos Angeles

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

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“our partners providing IMS with support through various services while sharing common values, experience and expertise”